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About Sales Impact Academy

Sales Impact Academy is a subscription-based live-learning platform for B2B sales teams. It offers live lectures and saved content to members year-round.

The company offers courses for new salespeople, sales managers, and executives.

Courses are offered in areas such as sales management, marketing, and prospecting. Sales Impact Academy’s mission is to empower salespeople to create sales and revenue-generating opportunities.

In short, the company offers courses that empower salespeople to become better communicators, closers, and closers.

Founded by Paul Fifield, Sales Impact is bridging the gap between traditional education and SaaS training. Fifield’s background includes building global companies in technology and education.

His career spans 20 years, and he has raised two tech startups to $700 million in valuation.

Sales Impact’s founders have assembled an impressive team of industry experts, including former CROs of Hubspot, Tableau, and Zoom and former GB Olympic team coach Sir Clive Woodward.

They also have the backing of VCs such as Emerge Education and Stage 2 Capital. Despite its relatively small size, Sales Impact has already attracted over 250 GTM leaders.

How many employees does Sales Impact Academy have? Over the past year, Sales Impact Academy has grown from 25 to 125 employees. It has also experienced 500% YoY revenue growth and enrolled more than 260 customers.

The academy has now become one of the world’s most valuable go-to-market learning communities. Currently, it offers over 40 live courses in sales, marketing, and prospecting.

Sales Impact Academy Courses

Customer Success

  • Customer Success Leadership Course

A Customer Success Leader’s role is to understand the customer’s needs and desired outcomes. This is not always an easy task.

But it is not impossible either. To be successful in this role, you need to develop a thorough customer journey map.

The map will show the steps a customer takes to purchase your product or service, the features they’re likely to encounter, the questions and hurdles they’ll face, and the benefits they can expect. Once you’ve created this map, you will have a foundation to build on.

  • Customer Onboarding

Sales Impact Academy Customer Onboarding Masterclass will help you in distinguishing normal difficulties confronted with client onboarding and show you how to further develop your onboarding practices to have a genuine effect all throughout your association.

Management & Leadership

  • SDR Leadership Fundamentals

Top-performing SDRs go above and beyond their usual processes and have a mastery of the fundamentals of their role.

While a top-performing rep will often push the envelope, he or she must follow processes and guidelines laid out by his or her team. Without this knowledge, an SDR will find it difficult to justify trying new experiments and ideas.

  • Data-Driven SDR Management

The foundations of any sales organization should be built with data-driven SDR management. This is the most powerful growth tool that an organization can use. SDR productivity directly relates to revenue development.

However, many SDR leaders have struggled to collect data and operationalize processes. As the economy gets tighter and executives have to do more with less, the need for actionable data is increasing.


  • Handling Inbound Leads for SDRs

Handling inbound leads is crucial to the success of SDRs. As they work to qualify leads, SDRs must answer the lead’s questions in a positive way. Getting the right answers can turn a lead into an opportunity and pass the lead on to an AE.

This course will give you the skills and confidence throughout the whole buyer’s journey.

  • Objection Handling for SDRs

One of the most important parts of any sales pitch is effective objection handling. It allows you to establish trust and develop a positive relationship with your prospect. In order to be effective at handling objections, you must understand the prospect’s concerns and be prepared to address them.


  • Sales Conversations That Win

When trying to convert a lead, you need to learn how to create Sales Conversations That Win. Salespeople have to be convincing and show that they have the solution that their prospects need. They need to paint a picture of a better future. They have to create excitement and anticipation surrounding their solution.

  • Negotiation Through Tactical Empathy

Tactic empathy is a skill that helps you understand the perspective of another person and use it to your advantage in negotiations.

By understanding your counterpart’s motivations, values, and emotional state, you can create rapport and a bond. When you use the tactic of empathy, you will be more predictable and effective when negotiating.

Sales Impact Academy Reviews

User in Information Technology and Services – Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Having used SIA for about 8 months now I have completed 3 courses on the platform, all of which have helped me improve my sales process and practices.

I love that it provides a hassle-free approach to learning from the best in the industry, allowing me to get access to trainers that would be too good to have come internally with the business.

The sessions are interactive and the platform supports ongoing development with resources and knowledge tests to ensure the teachings land. I love the way the sessions automatically pull into my calendar as it massively increases the amount I attend reviews collected by and hosted on

I found it a little bit difficult to initially understand how to use the platform and get the most out of it. Admittedly I didn’t run through the full onboarding process, but now I am up to speed, it’s easier to use. Review collected by and hosted on

I was skeptical of SIA when I first found out we had an external training tool. The first course I did quickly removed any concerns that I had. I would get started and make sure you make a course part of your regular weekly development plan. Review collected by and hosted on

So far I have helped improve a few different aspects of my sales process.

The one that stands out for me is from the prospecting course, I used the approaches that the trainers discussed for high-quality reach-outs to a prospect, this got their CEO, CPO & CMO on to a call together and resulted in a deal closing within 3 weeks from the initial outreach.

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