How To Get Started With The Animal Farm

The Animal Farm Step by Step Tutorial – Crypto Staking & Yield Farming

In this tutorial I show you the quickest way to get started with the crypto staking and yield farming protocol the animal farm.

Step 1: Set Up Metamask Wallet – Metamask

Step 2: Add the BSC network to metamask

Step 3 : Import token addresses to metamask –Coinmarketcap

DogsToken: 0xDBdC73B95cC0D5e7E99dC95523045Fc8d075Fb9e

PigsToken: 0x3A4C15F96B3b058ab3Fb5FAf1440Cc19E7AE07ce

Step 4 : Send BNB, BUSD, USDT to your metamask wallet BEP-20 (BSC)

Step 5: Import token address to Pancake Swap

DogsToken: 0xDBdC73B95cC0D5e7E99dC95523045Fc8d075Fb9e

PigsToken: 0x3A4C15F96B3b058ab3Fb5FAf1440Cc19E7AE07ce

Step 6: Swap PIGS & DOGS – leave the same amount you buy in DOGS in BUSD to create an LP token.

Step 7: Stake PIGS in the PIG PEN

Step 8 : Create DOGS/BUSD-LP token Step 9 : Follow the strategy in the video (not financial advice, please do your research)

the animal farm

The Animal Farm is the first deflationary, fully decentralized ownership yield farm/lending protocol where participants earn as an owner of the network.

The super wealthy do not build and protect their wealth through selling their assets. They accumulating and then leverage their assets, while living off the dividends. The Animal Farm captures this financial power and puts it in the hands of the platforms participants.

Accumulate your share of the network by farming PIGS governance tokens, while leveraging your collateralize assets through our substrata lending protocol to collect a high yield BUSD dividend without ever selling your underlying assets.

Deposit fees and taxes go to PIGS stakers as BUSD rewards!! All taxes associated with core tokens go towards rewarding platform participants and generating BUSD rewards for stakers!

Dynamic emission rates based on current demand, allowing for price appreciation of DOGS and PIGS in all market conditions!

Full governance protocol giving PIGS stakers a vote in future opportunities! Collateral staked on the platform is rehypothecated to Pancakeswap’s lending protocol to earn additional yield, which goes towards buying DOGS and PIGS directly from the market and sending them to a burn address.

Millions in BUSD rewards already in the vault ready to pay out the high yield BUSD dividend and buy the DOGS, PIGS directly off the market removing them from circulation.

From the Developers of DRIP, the fastest growing and highest ranked DeFi protocol on BSC!!

The developers of The Animal Farm believe that they have created the ideal platform for yield farming.

Through mechanics from decentralized ownership giving investors even more stake in the platform, to the dynamic supply control, allowing for a more intelligent approach to emission rates, which will out perform all of their competition in the space.

Farm Mechanics

Dogs can be earned in all farms and pools as it’s the primary farm reward token. PIGS can be farmed exclusively in the DOGS/BNB, DOGS/BUSD and DRIP/BUSD staking contracts, as well as the DOGS single asset staking pool.

Restricting PIGS rewards to these 4 options limits the supply of PIGS tokens and also creates demand for staking DOGS and adding liquidity to DOGS.

Instead of dumping DOGS on the market, farmers can stake DOGS to earn a
greater share of the platform through utilizing their PIGS rewards.

Our strategic partnership with Drip.Community allows farmers
to stake DRIP/BUSD on Layer 2 to earn PIGS, creating a
new exclusive use case and new demand for DRIP while
removing DRIP from circulation.

PIGS are the governance token of the platform. Staking PIGS allows you to be an owner of the farm!

DOGS are the native farming token on L2 and are earned in all farms and pools to various degrees. DOGS have a 6% base tax on all transactions and an additional 3% tax on selling.

Half of the 6% base tax (3%) is sold for BUSD and this BUSD is sent to a
vault which is paid out to PIGS stakers.

The other half of the base tax (3%) is paired with BUSD and added to the liquidity pool raising the potential price floor of DOGS with each transaction while further decentralizing and deepening the liquidity pool.
The additional 3% tax on selling is burned, introducing a deflationary
element to the token.

Referral Program: The L2 platform has a referral program, allowing you to earn a 3% commission on the rewards generated by anyone you refer.

Deposit Fees L2 will have deposit fees similar to L1, however they will be distributed slightly differently due to our introduction of the PIGS governance pool. This allows for decentralized ownership of the farm.

On L2 75% of the deposit fees will be converted to BUSD and used as rewards for PIGS single asset staking. 15% of the deposit fees will be allocated for marketing, and 10% will be allocated to platform fees.

Just as in L1, we will not leave our capital in contracts stagnant. L2 will also utilize all available funds through staking them on PancakeSwap to earn additional yield that can be used for buybacks (30%), marketing (30%), development (30%) and platform costs (10%).

This means we will have a lot more funds to add buy pressure, pay for high end marketing and continue to build features. The dev team understands the importance of marketing and have made it a primary focus.

Animal Farm has unique functions, such as dynamic emissions allowing for decentralized supply control, which give us a first mover advantage exploiting these mechanics in the market.

Dynamic Decentralized Supply Control Algorithm (D.D.S.C.A.) Animal Farm is the first farm to use a Dynamic Decentralized Supply Control Algorithm (D.D.S.C.A.) to determine the farm’s emission rate for rewards in both the DOGS and PIGS token.

The D.D.S.C.A. is designed to adjust the supply of the DOGS and PIGS tokens
through manipulation of the L2 reward emission rate.

Gluts of demand can be met with an increase in rewards for farmers, while ebbs in demand can be met with a reduction in supply through a tightening
of L2 emissions

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